Whisper Ultra Soft Large Sanitary Napkin 30 N

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From the manufacturer:

Key Highlights

  1. Extra large sanitary pads that have a soft top sheet for extra gentleness on your skin
  2. Nearly 20% longer, with a length of 284 mm and has a wider back for extra coverage
  3. With two times better odour control system with fresh odourless pearls to keep you fresh
  4. Dermatologically tested, extra soft pads that prevent rash and irritation
  5. Comes with stretchable wings that can be stuck around undergarments to keep the pad in place
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Feel protected and comfortable with Whisper Ultra Soft XL Sanitary Pads with wings. For extra gentle care for your sensitive skin, these are Now two times softer** and contain a soft top sheet in the centre and wings. These pads are nearly 20 percent longer* and have soft pores that drive liquid to the core and lock it away so you have extra coverage and long-lasting protection. The stretchable wings in Whisper Ultra Soft XL pads can be easily stuck around your undergarments to keep the pad in place, while the fresh odourless pearls capture and lock away period odour. With Whisper Ultra Soft pads, your skin will get the care it needs and you’ll get all the confidence you deserve. *vs. Whisper Choice Wings **vs. Whisper Choice Ultra


Country of origin/manufacturer/assembly INDIA
Product Type Ultra
Size Large
Wings true
Pack Type 30 N


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