Sunfeast Biscuits Marie Light, 85 g

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Key Highlights

  1. High quality Biscuits.
  2. Made from the finest quality wheat.
  3. Rich in fibre.

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Sunfeast has always aimed at providing It’s consumers with quality and wholesome products. Sunfeast connotes happiness, contentMent, satisfaction and pleasure. In the past 15 years Sunfeast has only grown and has well established It’s presence in all categories of Biscuits. Today, Sunfeast is not just about Biscuits but has also ventured into other baked products. Sunfeast Biscuits straddle all segMents of the market led by Dark Fantasy at the premium end. High quality married with exciting inNovations has helped drive this category. Dark Fantasy Choco Fills has wowed the Indian consumer with It’s Innovative centre-filled format and high-quality packaging.


Veg/Non-Veg Vegetarian
Country of origin/manufacturer/assembly INDIA
Variant Marie
Pack Preference Each
Dietary Need Regular

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