Pond’s Triple Vitamin Body Lotion 300 ml

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Key Highlights

  1. Body lotion for silky soft, smooth, radiant skin.
  2. Triple Vitamin moisturizing lotion.
  3. Gives skin Nourishment revealing an amazingly soft skin.
  4. Provides 3X moisturization.
  5. Solution to bid adieu to dry and rough skin in winter.
  6. recommended to be applied daily for the best results.
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This winter, choose silky smooth and soft skin with Pond’s Moisturizing Body Lotion. Pond’s Body Lotion is formulated by Pond’s institute to ensure a perfect blend, that your skin will love and thank you for. This especially formulated moisturizing lotion is spot-on answer for all your skin’s worries in the winter (even harsh ones.). The carefully selected combination of Triple Vitamins – B3, E & C, work together to give you the touchably soft skin you will be proud of. How does this body lotion work to reveal the amazingly soft skin even in harsh and dry winters? With Triple Vitamins, the lotion goes deep into the skin* to Nourish it from within. It doesn’t just fulfil your skin’s need of Nourishment, the formula provides 3X moisturisation**.. And the result — you experience that amazingly smooth and soft skin on the surface. Say good-bye to the dry and rough skin this winter with a regular use of Pond’s Body lotion. We recommend to apply it twice daily as a part of your skin care regimly on the skin with finger-tips until completely absorbed. Use this moisturising lotion for soft, smooth and radiant skin that leaves you feeling beautiful all over. *within epidermis *based on clinical study


Country of origin/manufacturer/assembly INDIA
Product Type Lotion
Preference Regular
Variant others
Concern Multipurpose
Pack Preference Each

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