Exo Dish Shine Tub 500 g

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Key Highlights

  1. Zero Wastage
  2. Touch & Shine formula
  3. Anti-bacterial
  4. Kills bacteria in 10 seconds
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Exo introduced the Monthly pack in Round shaped container. The round shape lends a lot of benefIt’s to consumers, namely Zero Wastage, No bar breakage etc: Zero Wastage: Since Exo Round doesn’t have any corners (unlike a rectangle shape) there is No loss at corner unlike any other shape with corners No Bar Breakage at the Centre: In a Round shape consumer scoopes the bar along the circumference unlike a rectangle where it is done from the centre outwards. As a result in round the consumption of bar will be uniform while in rectangle it tends to make a dent at the centre resulting in bar breakage and wastage Apart from the shape, Exo is an antibacterial dishwash bar that kills bacteria in just 10 seconds. Antibacterial efficacy is extremely critical in dishwashing space as researches show that bacteria grows by 700% in 19 minutes on soiled utensils Exo also has unique Touch & Shine formulation which helps to remove tough grease on the utensil with great ease and provide excellent shine on utensils


Brand EXO
Country of origin/manufacturer/assembly INDIA
Variant Regular
Pack Type Tub
Pack Preference Each
Product Type Bar

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Weight 0.5 kg


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