AXE Denim Shaving Cream 78 g

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Key Highlights

  1. Axe Denim Lather Shaving Cream for Men
  2. Shaving cream with moisturisers
  3. Spicy, rich, masculine scent with bursts of fresh citrus
  4. Rich, creamy lather tames the toughest stubble
  5. Gives you a smooth shave
  6. Day long effect
  7. Safe on skin
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For the man who doesn’t have to try too hard, the one who likes to play it smooth. The rugged man who likes to look his debonair best, Axe Denim Shaving Cream is made just for you. Crafted for a rich creamy lather, this shaving cream produces the kind of moisturising foam which makes it easier for you to shave that rough patch of stubble from your skin. The spicy, rich, masculine scent with bursts of fresh citrus leaves your skin soft and moisturised, making it irresistible to the touch. Enjoy this unique experience to feel fresh all day, every day. Just squeeze the tube to get the required quantity of Axe Denim Shaving Cream on your shaving Brush, lather with water and get the closest smooth shave possible. It’s safe on skin and comes in an easy-to-carry travel pack. Be sharp. Be bold. Be the man every woman desires with Axe Denim Shaving Cream. Axe is the World’s # 1 Male Deodorant with several iconic fragrances. Axe fragrances Not only smell good but also keep you fresh, clean and confident. All Axe products are infused with these iconic fragrances to ensure that along with a close shave you smell great as well.


Brand AXE
Country of origin/manufacturer/assembly INDIA
Product Type Cream
Pack Preference Each


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