24 Mantra Organic Green Moong Dal 500 g

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Key Highlights

  1. 100 % Organic product
  2. Zero Pesticide
  3. Preservative Free
  4. Best protein source for vegetarians
  5. Beneficial to reduce risk cardio-vascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers
  6. Helpful to maintain ideal body weight
  7. Rich source of dietary fiber which has prebiotic effect therefore helps in improving immunity
  8. Beneficial to health because of bio-active compounds it contains
  9. 9.Helpful in preventing constipation
  10. Can be sprouted and used as a healthy ingredient
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Pulses are a boon to vegetarians and vegans. Whole Green Moong is good sources of proteins especially for vegetarians and vegans. Our 24 Mantra Organic Whole Moong cooks easiest compared to other whole legumes. When eaten along with rice or roti (cereal) it provides complete protein like milk or Non-vegetarian foods. It is a good source of certain micronutrients and also a great source of dietary fiber. Plant protein: 24 Mantra Green Moong Whole is a good source of plan protein. Green Moong Whole helps to manage glucose and cholesterol levels in blood. It is a good source of plant protein. Research says that substituting animal protein with plant protein improves lipid profile. Therefore, advantageous in reducing risk of heart related problems. Also, similar positive results were seen when animal protein is replaced by plant protein on glucose levels in blood. Hence, we can call legumes diabetic friendly. Dietary fiber: Diet rich in fiber contributes towards fullness which contributes towards achieving ideal body weight. 24 Mantra Organic Moong Whole is rich is dietary fiber. Dietary fiber has prebiotic effect that is serve as food for the good bacteria that resides in our gut. It also helps in preventing constipation. Dietary fiber also helps manage glucose and lipid levels in blood. Sprouted Moong is also commonly used in recipes such as salads or eaten as such. Sprouting helps in better absorption and utilization of nutrients. During sprouting many types of bioactive substances, such as polypheNols, saponins, vitamin C, etc. which contribute several health benefIt’s. These bio-active constituents exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic effects. Goodness of 24 Mantra Organic Food: Organic food is grown on the right soil, without the use of harmful or synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals. Organic food production on the basis of several studies is Known to have potential human health benefIt’s. Agricultural practices based on the use of chemical pesticides have been linked to negative impacts on human health and environment. 24 Mantra Organic Whole Green Moong and It’s sprouts have health-promoting effects in addition to their nutritive value. It can be made into several tasty recipes such as curry, soup, pesarattu, chilla etc and sprouted bean can be eaten as such or as salad. Tip: Usual complaint while using whole grains is abdominal discomfort and bloating because of gas. Soak whole grains in water overnight and throw away the water. The oligosaccharide components which cause gas in abdoMen leach out into the soaked water and discarding will reduce gas forming components. If a person still has gas issues then introduce whole grains slowly into diet.


Brand 24 MANTRA
Veg/Non-Veg Vegetarian
Country of origin/manufacturer/assembly INDIA
Pack Type Pouch

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Moong Whole


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